International Mountain Guides

International Mountain Guides leads mountaineering expeditions around the world including the worlds tallest peaks in the Himalayas. I was proud to partner with IMG on a pack which represents the pinnacle of JanSport's product line- the Tahoma 75. The Tahoma 75 is a technical alpine mountaineering pack used by IMG guides in some of the world's most remote and harshest environments.

Development process

This slideshow shows the early development process of the Tahoma 75 pack as I worked through multiple prototype samples.

product testing

I made regular trips to the IMG headquarters in Ashford, Washington to meet with IMG mountain guides to discuss feedback they had after the packs were put to the test in some of the harshest environments. I analyzed fail points and high abrasion areas and made necessary changes. Fit and function were scrutinized to the highest degree. This feedback loop was an essential part of the development process.

As part of JanSport's annual Mount Rainier expedition (the longest consecutive group climb since 1972) I summited four times, testing the Tahoma 75 on each climb. I also tested the pack on Mount Whitney and Mount Shasta. 

The finished product


The pack received stellar reviews in the September 2015 issue of Backpacker Magazine.

The annual Jansport Mount Rainier climb and the Tahoma 75 backpack were both featured in a Carryology article.