MoonLift is an innovative shoulder strap system as part of JanSport's Outdoor product line. The strap is made of a perforated, convoluted, anatomically mapped foam that is engineered to maximize comfort and breathability. I served as co-designer and product developer on this project and received my first design patent.

The idea

I quickly sketched this on my Note4 smartphone after waking with the idea at 2 oclock in the morning! This sketch served as the catalyst for the design direction of the MoonLift strap system.

Rapid prototypes

Our team expanded upon the idea in a dozen different variations and we researched various foam compositions and structures. Rapid prototypes were created as we brainstormed concepts.

more & more prototypes

We continued to refine the MoonLift strap based on cost and function and finally arrived at a market ready product after 6 months of development.

the finished product

Fly wing

An innovative fly-wing back panel and elastic load lifters stabilize the load and minimize impact as the wearer moves. 

Anatomically mapped perforations

Perforations in the foam vary in size and placement to increase/decrease foam density and allow body heat to escape though the strap.

Aerodynamic channels

The EVA foam is also convoluted, creating cross-channels that allow body heat to escape laterally across the strap.

Moonlift product launch

I produced, filmed, and edited this teaser video as part of the launch of the MoonLift pack.

I also designed and created this large display for MoonLift's product launch. The packs were backlit with LED lights and rotated slowly to give the appearance of the packs floating in space. 


Featured in Outside Magazine's 2018 Spring Buyer's Guide.