I have served as the sole product designer and developer for this project. I've led every step of the product development chain from the initial market and consumer research, to sketching/ideation, technical specifications, factory sourcing, trims/materials sourcing, prototyping, logo/print design and visual design of this project.

What sets the Paqsule duffel apart is its ability to clean and deodorize the contents of the bag using O3 ozone and UV-C light. The ozone device is turned on with a push of a button, or is controlled by an app via a Bluetooth connection. The ozone device is also capable of charging smartphones. The challenge was how the ozone device, USB charging system and LED system would integrate into the bag in the most effective and user friendly way, while creating a stylish, feature rich and functional duffel bag.

design and ideation process

I began with extensive research into the target consumer as well as competitive products on the market to identify consumer needs. I approached the project with an open mind and tried to keep as many possibilities open eventually funneling down those possibilities into a consumer product. Focusing on function and form as well as being cost conscious is essential to a successful product.

Specification process

After a design sketch was agreed upon by the team, the bag was translated into technical specifications with components, measurements and construction details applied. The "tech pack" has to be easily understood by the receiving factory to insure an accurate first prototype.

Prototyping & more prototyping

I worked through a dozen prototypes and made several visits to the factory in Vietnam to achieve the desired shape, functionality and cost targets.

Ozone device

The device was designed to fit into an internal pocket and the charging ports are accessed through an external port hole (below). The user is able to activate the device with a push of a button. The device can also be controlled by a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Ozone port

The custom molded rubber port hole protects the device from dirt and rain while providing access to the USB ports for charging the device as well as a smartphone.

Logo design

The icon represents the structure of an ozone molecule, three oxygen atoms (O3) and the triangle symbolizes strength and simplicity. The typeface communicates a modern and clean aesthetic.

Printed liner

I applied the design of the logo into a repeat pattern that was used as an interior liner.

Final product


I designed this infographic for the Kickstarter campaign page to demonstrate how the Paqsule system cleans and deodorizes the bag and its contents.

Additional accessories

The Paqsule Kickstarter campaign offered additional accessories as an optional purchase. I designed a shoulder strap that is detachable from the duffel as an alternative carry option. I also designed a dopp kit for carrying toiletries and other small items while traveling.