This page is a collection of my work as a Senior Product Developer at JanSport. My primary role involves functional engineering, product testing and cost management of backpacks. Alongside my main role, I fulfill various product design duties. Over the course of my years at JanSport I have worked on numerous product lines, including Digital, Outside and Outdoor.

In 2016 I was awarded JanSport's President's Award. This is the highest award attainable at JanSport and is selected by the president for the individual who performs and contributes above and beyond their expected job roles. 


The Digital product line focused on packs and accessories geared towards electronics, including molded iPhone/iPad cases and laptop sleeves. I gained valuable experience working on molded products with small tolerances and high functionality.


The Outside product line fused outdoor functionality with urban lifestyle.  The versatility of these packs made them suitable in a variety of environments from the city streets, to the campus as well as to the outdoors.


The Outdoor product line focused on backpacking and hiking packs where functionality, fit and durability are key. Product testing and outdoor knowledge were a big part of the development process.